Saturday, February 16, 2013

Temporary Goodbye's

This is a post from and email update dated Feb. 11:

The last few days have been both exhilarating and exhausting.

Our day in court was a definite highlight.  Todd's original plans were to return to Harrison on Feb. 8th, and leave Jaden and Kellen with Jenny to help out with her travels. Those plans would have required that Todd leave immediately after court with no opportunity to see Anya, Tanya, or Ruslan, let alone celebrate the moment with Jenny and the boys, so we opted to delay Todd's travel plan's.  The next affordable and available day for him to leave was today (feb. 12th).  We thought it best that the boys return with Todd.

We are very thankful for a church family that has given us so much encouragement and grace so that we could do what was best for the needs of our family.  Being able to delay Todd's travel was certainly the best decision.  We were able to fully celebrate what God did at our court appointment, as well as, spend a whole weekend with the children as family.  There was much good bonding through this time together.

Monday came with an early start as we moved our luggage out of our "hotel", which was really a second story of a townhouse that was fully functional for extended stays. Todd & the boys had to leave their luggage in the foyer of the hotel for their return later in the day when they would make a grab-and-go for the train station.  Jenny was moved into an apartment for adoptive parents which she will be sharing with a new friend who just adopted Anya's & Tanya's best friends.  We are thankful that Jenny will have companionship for part of her remaining time there.

We were still able to get to the orphanage in time to walk the girls to school and visit Anya's English class.  This was especially important to her, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the disruption to class that the "Americans" brought!  In fact, they said we should go to their math class with them so that their teacher would not be mean or give them lots of homework!

It was difficult for Todd and the boys to leave Jenny & the kids in tears at the orphanage as they walked to their taxi.  However, we trust that God will give His strength and courage to them as they endure this last leg of the race.  We have often turned to Joshua 1:9 for encouragement throughout this journey.  It will be a well worn page for us as God reminds us that He called us and He will sustain us.  Even more than that, He will make us flourish by His grace and power.

Todd and the boys are on their way home now, and, weather permitting, should arrive in Spokane late this evening.  There will be many hugs and kisses waiting for them in Harrison, and much catching up to do.  While this adoption process has been very easy by comparison to our previous experience, the separation of family members has been much more difficult.  The children have handled it beautifully by God's amazing grace, but we are having our hearts strained by the sorrow of being apart.

Soon and very soon the sorrow will end in a reunion of joy.  With that hope we persevere.  Thank you for your prayers!

Please continue praying for:
-Favor with all those whom we must work to get the children to their new home
-Strength, courage, and comfort for Jenny as she endures the last couple weeks alone with the children
-A healthy transition for everybody as all the members of this new family are united
-Thanks for God's faithfulness and sovereignty

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